Candice FreemanCandice Freeman is a diverse, extremely talented, and highly educated competitor in the pageantry world. Crowned, Miss Plus America 2017, Candice will be competing at the International pageant in July 2019. Her presence on the runway is not what makes her so intriguing. It is the moral behind her story.

More simply, it is who she is, her accomplishments, and her natural leadership ability. Candice has overcome her own struggle with self-image and has elevated to the quintessential embodiment of faith and grace. Her own journey will empower others, like her, to find and create their paths to success. Candice wishes to continue her journey and become a role model for her peers through speaking engagements, as a social media influencer, and evangelist of faith. 

Pageant Titles

2009 Miss Dallas Plus America
2010 Ms. Dallas County Plus America
2010 Ms. Texas Plus America
2011 Ms. Dallas Woman United America
2011 Ms. Texas Woman United America
2012 Miss Texas American Beauties Plus
2012 Miss American Beauties Plus Elite
2013 Ms. Oklahoma Plus America
2014 Ms. Texas Princess of America
2015 Ms. Utah Plus America
2016 Ms. Dallas Regency International
2016 Ms. Utah Plus America
2017 Ms. Western Heritage State Plus America
2017 Ms. Plus America
2018 United States of America’s Ms. Dallas
2019 International Junior Miss Ms. Western Heritage State (IJM Ms. Western Heritage State)
(Pageant July 16-20, 2019 San Antonio, TX)

Candices’ Accolades