Goat & Vine

The latest date night/brunch spot called Goat & Vine has now opened a Ft. Worth, Texas

Nestled inside Montgomery Plaza, I attended their soft opening that was nothing short of AMAZING! The beautifully decorated site has stunning velvet green chairs and gold accents throughout. Each booth and table receive its own personal lamp to ensure proper lighting to create a serene mood.

Upon being seated, I reviewed their drink menu and ordered a drink called The Pink Lady, which was a flavorful and exquisitely decorated drink consisting of Gin, Applejack, Egg White, Lemon Juice, and Grenadine. Another great drink that I enjoyed was The Last Word, which consisted of Gin, Liquor 43, Maraschino liquor, and Lemon Juice.

I highly recommend the Fritto Misto (Rock Shrimp, Calamari, White Fish, and Cherry Peppers), The Lobster Bisque (which was creamy), The Chilean Sea Bass (Garlic, Cherry Tomatoes, Olives, Capers, Citrus Sauce, and Charred Asparagus), and the amazing tableside presentation of the Spaghetti Al Formaggio Parmigiano (flambeed whiskey in a Parmigiano Reggiano Wheel Made Tableside).

The service was superb, and the managers were kind enough to engage my table in a champagne toast using their very own Goat & Vine Prosecco to end our evening. I am eager to return to this location to entice in their weekend brunch for about $65 as this, and the Plano
location has received great reviews from many.


Until next time