How to Pageant: Tips for Pageantry

So you have decided you want to compete in a pageant for the first time. Congratulations. That is the first and toughest step! If you are feeling anxious, remember – you are not alone! Everyone else is feeling a little unsure. Those competing for the first time and even the veterans of the world of pageantry. With a little prep, you can be as ready as any experienced contestant. So, I thought I would share some of my own tactics to help out!

Pick A Pageant That is Right for You

It is wise to realize that not all pageants are created the same. Some pageants may be based on your talent presentation. Others might be a platform pageant. If it is a talent based pageant, you will want to be quite impressive and entertaining with your talent. If it is platform based, you want to be sure you have a personal cause and many community service hours.

If you’re not strong in the areas of competition that will most impact your score, you may want to pass. Selecting a pageant that’s a right fit for you will increase the likelihood of getting a winning score.

Do Not Skim Over the Paperwork

Most pageants will have a contestant package that will be mailed to you or available on their websites. There is gold buried in those contestant packages.

First and foremost, look for the competition wardrobe requirements. What are the swimsuit/fitness attire rules? Is the dress portion trendy and fun or formal? What shoes are okay/not okay? Don’t lose points for failure to follow the wardrobe rules.

Look to see if there is an interview portion. Be sure to see what style and length the competition wants for the interview portion. Is it a standing panel interview that’s 5 minutes long? Or is it a seated one-on-one interview that’s 60 seconds long? Knowing the style and length of your personal interview is essential for your interview prep. This will help you to be prepared to make the most impacting impression in the properly allocated time.

Create A Solid Prep Plan

Part of creating a solid prep plan involves setting the right budget. The MOST IMPORTANT budgeted line item is training. Skills win titles, not the best wardrobe. So be sure to put more emphasis on your training and development expenses.

Set the right amount of time for preparation. For a state title, contestants typically start prepping 4 to 5 months before the competition. For local or festival titles, contestants usually start 8 to 12 weeks before the pageant.

Be sure to make a list of the things you need to accomplish before the pageant. One week you might go shopping for your opening number outfit. Another week you could work on your rehearsal wardrobe. The next week you may want to focus on your interview and so on and so forth.

Have FUN!

The KEY to doing well is to have fun with the entire event. If you allow your nerves to take over, it will surely show on your face and you will look tense. Judges want to see competitors who are having fun – as their smiles will surely light up any room! So go ahead and be that bright light the judges are seeking and SLAY the runway! Good luck.

Be sure to check my calendar of events to stay informed of pageants you may want to check out!